raccoon getting into a house

How are Raccoons Getting in my House?

As long as they have a 4 inch hole, raccoons can squeeze their way into just about any home. Once they’ve found a way to get their head through, their whole body can then wiggle its way in. Here’s a few weak spots to watch out for that raccoons are likely to sneak in through.

Roof-soffit intersection:

A roof-soffit is the exposed underside of your roof, filling the gap between the edge of the roof and the wall of the house. Raccoons find these to be ideal entry points, as they can use the roof for leverage and their shoulders to open flimsy soffits. Usually soffits made from thin aluminum or plastic are the easiest targets. Once it is opened, they can easily nudge themselves in to make a cozy home in your attic. 

Roof vents:

Vents are another vulnerable spot for raccoons to find their way in. Roof vents are designed to allow proper air circulation in and out of your attic. However, raccoons can quickly sense the air flowing from your attic and plot their way in. Plastic and aluminum vent covers don’t put up much of a fight against a powerful raccoon. 

 Roof edges:

The edge of your roof is another susceptible spot for invasion by raccoons. Because of the inclined design of a roof, all rain and snow that melt away must pass this section of your roof. The high volumes of moisture, in addition to constant freezing and thawing can deteriorate this part of the roof very quickly. With enough determination, raccoons can chew and tear their way through rotted wood to nuzzle themselves into the attic. 


While you use your chimney as ventilation for a cozy fire, mother raccoons may have a different plan for your chimney. Mimicking the insides of hollowed out trees, raccoons may see your chimney as the perfect place to nurse her babies. Once inside, they make a comfortable home on top of your fireplaces’ damper. Chimney caps can be purchased, but do little to prevent this issue. 

Contact Creature Catchers for Raccoon Removal

If raccoons have found their way into your home, your best bet is to call a professional to help remove the family of raccoons. At Creature Catchers, we provide professional raccoon and animal removal services for homes in Boston MA and beyond. We offer same-day services, and always practice safe and humane removal process. Learn more about our raccoon removal services here, and give us a call at 781-727-5795 to schedule a service. 

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