How Are Bees Getting In My Home?

Bees are an unpleasant insect to encounter, no matter where you are. Between the sound of the buzzing and the fear that they may sting you, people try to avoid them at all costs. Because they are such small creature, it is not uncommon that they could follow you indoors. Finding a bees nest in your home can cause quite the commotion amongst your family. If your home has been invaded, there could be a few places they are getting in. Take a step back, grab your binoculars, and first investigate where these pesky insects are coming from. 

The Fireplace and Chimney

People often find that if their homes have been invaded, that the bees have quickly made themselves comfortable in the living room. This could be because the bees like to build hives in the chimney. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll see them hanging out around the fireplace. Bees are attracted to light so they will most likely fly directly to a window or skylight. The best way to check if they have nested in your chimney is to listen. Shut of all televisions, radios, appliances, etc. and sit in the quiet room listening for buzzing.

Attic Vent Holes

Vent holes in your attic allow your attic to breathe, but unfortunately can also be an inviting place for bees to make their way in. The screen on the wholes are usually ¼ inch wide, giving the bees plenty of room to fly in. Once inside, the bees will usually build a hive on the underside of your roof. 

Bathroom, Dryer, and Stove Vents

This is where your binoculars will come in handy, especially if your home has multiple stories. You often won’t hear them buzzing in the vents, but watch and observe if dozens of bees are flying in and out of the vent. The swarm or hive will typically be inside of the wall, making it hard for you to detect exactly where they are coming from.

Contact Creature Catchers

Once you’ve identified where they are coming from, the next step is removal. It is always safer to get help from a professional, to insure they are safely and completely removed. Creature Catchers specialize in the safe and humane removal of bees. Call us today at 781-727-5795 for professional removal services in Boston MA and beyond! 

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