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Note to Home Owner. Squirrels inhabit all of the United States.  You will know if they have taken residence in your South Shore MA home because of the noise they make, usually at dawn, while they are leaving their nests to seek for food and dusk when returning to the nest.   A majority of squirrel removal customers in Massachusetts mention scratching and scurrying sounds in the attics or walls of their homes. South Shore MA homeowners might discover holes inside of the gutters or siding of their houses, where the squirrels are getting inside for shelter.

Creature Catchers animal removal services of the South Shore will help you decide if you need any squirrel removal solutions or squirrel control services.  We will identify what method of squirrel removal is necessary by giving a complete animal entry inspection.  For the most effective assessment of your squirrel problem, it is helpful for you to record what time in the day you are observing activity such as movement or noises, how long you have been hearing sounds and in what part of the home or building you are hearing sounds.

Squirrel removal and trapping services of South Shore MA generally include areas such as:
• Squirrels in the attic removal
• Squirrels in the chimney removal
• Squirrels in the wall removal
• Squirrels in the garden removal
• Squirrels in the house removal

Creature Catchers can help with any situation involving squirrels. We have experience with red squirrels, flying squirrels, chipmunks and gray squirrels. If you are dealing with problems with squirrels, our Animal Removal Specialists will remove squirrels and prevent squirrels from ruining your home and landscape!

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