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How To Keep Skunks Away

If you’ve notice skunks hanging around your yard more often, they may have made a home for themselves under a shed or deck. These furry creatures can cause major damage to your lawn, and leave strong odors when they spray. If you have pets roaming your yard, it especially important to keep them away. Here’s a few tips you can try to keep them away from your property. 

Remove Food Sources

Chances are, if skunks are on your property frequently, it may because you’re feeding them well. The first step is to remove all possible food sources for the skunk. Be sure to tie trash tightly, and use lids on a garbage can that are tightly secured. If possible, it’d even be best to bring trash inside for the night. Additionally, never leave pet food outdoors. That is an open invitation for skunks to hang around. If you have trees in your yard with nuts, berries, crabapples or other fruits, check your yard often for ones fallen on the ground and remove them. Additionally, remove any water sources that skunks may have access to. 


Because they’re nocturnal, skunks come looking for food at night. Light frightens them, so leaving a bright light on at night could repel them from coming to your yard and digging up dinner. If you’re hesitant to leave a light on all night because you don’t want your electric bill to skyrocket, try a motion sensored light that will only turn on when intruders like skunks are present. 

Automated Sprinklers

Another approach is using automated sprinklers with motion sensors that will come on and squirt the skunk. It will frighten the skunk enough to deter him from returning in the future. Place sprinklers strategically in your yard around areas that the skunk may wander. 

Natural Repellents

Instead of buying a store brand repellant, try concocting your own. One that has shown to be effective is the hot pepper recipe. Combine chopped yellow onion, jalapenos, and cheyenne pepper with 2 quarts of water in a saucepan. Boil for 20 minutes, and then use a cheesecloth to strain excess liquid. Simply put the mixture in a spray bottle, and spray the areas of your yard that you don’t want skunks to get into. An even easier method is scattering lemon and orange peels around your home, as the citrus acts as a natural repellent for skunks.


Putting fences around your yard is another solution to keep skunks away for good. Skunks are horrible climbers and can’t jump barriers, so this approach may just work. However, they’re excellent diggers and can weazle their way into 4 inch wide holes, so be sure to seal up any open holes or ditches, especially under your home, sheds, and decks.

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