How to Determine If There’s a Dead Animal in Your Wall

A dead animal in your wall is a problem that no homeowner wants to deal with. Perhaps you heard some noises in your wall that stopped, or maybe you found a hole on the exterior of your home that would grant animal access. Determining if there is a dead animal in your wall requires a few potential indicators before verification. Before you start tearing up your drywall, be on the lookout for the following signs.

Have You Noticed a Foul Smell?

First and foremost, a dead animal will produce a terrible stench in your home. If you smell something especially stinky, there is a chance you have something dead in your walls. It can be difficult to explain the smell of a dead animal to someone that has never smelled it before. However, if a smell cannot be identified, located, or eliminated, you may need to examine it further.

The foul odor could also spread through the home if the animal died in your vents. If this is the case, not only could you experience bad smells, but your airflow could also be stunted. With poor airflow and awful smells, you have a good indicator that there is a dead animal in your vents.

Flies Abound

Do you have flies in your home? If you do and are unable to explain the reason for the flies, you may have a dead animal in your walls. Try to identify the kind of flies. For example, if you have fruit flies in the kitchen, they are probably not after a carcass, but rather some rotten fruit. Blowflies, however, are typically the type of fly to be attracted to decaying animals. These flies can be identified by:

  • Metallic bodies in adulthood
  • Larvae are pale
  • Males have tiny hairs on body
  • Similar to houseflies

Although the presence of flies does not always mean that a dead animal is present, the combination of blowflies and a foul odor often indicates the possibility. The only way to be sure is to find the body of the creature before it completely decomposes and dries out. In damp environments, the body of a dead animal will deteriorate over a longer period of time.

Contact Creature Catchers for Dead Animal Removal in MA

Don’t start tearing into your walls prior to contacting a professional. Dead animals can contain diseases and various kinds of bacteria that can cause harm to humans. Although it may be safe to remove a carcass from within your walls with gloves on, it may also be necessary to use more protective gear.

Creature Catchers is the expert in animal removal services. Enlisting our team for professional removal services will not only give you the peace of mind of removing the animal properly, but you can also be sure that you and your family are not harmed during the process. Give us a call at 781-885-7635 or fill out an online form to schedule a service immediately!

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