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Tips for Winter Pest Control in Your Home

Do you have to be concerned about pest control during winter? If you live in New England, you certainly do. While bees and mosquitoes flew overhead during summertime, cockroaches, mice, spiders, etc. could creep underfoot during winter. These pests are searching for protection from the cold, and sadly, our warmer homes look inviting to them. You will find some pests (that usually would have gone into a low-energy state) very active with leftover food sources during the winter months in your home. For instance, mice and other pests can remain active in winter. It’s never too late to prevent pests from making themselves at home in your house. Preventive measures to keep pests out are critical as they can pose more dangers than just spiderwebs in the room. They may be small, but the damage they can cause is mighty. Below are a few tips to control pests in your home during winter:

Don’t Leave Food Around 

Exposed food is a huge attraction for pests looking for shelter in your house. Ensure your food is stored in airtight containers, and clean up any crumbs or scraps that drop on the floor to keep rodents away. Winter pests will deliberately stay in your house if they discover a load of dishes with enticing crumbs on them. Not only are they getting warmth, but they’re also getting food… It’s everything they could ask for in a home! So, try putting soapy water in your sink with your dishes and allow it to stay until you are ready to wash them. This will keep bugs from feasting on them. Besides, it makes dishwashing easier for you, too. 

Store Firewood Away From the House 

Pests like to live permanently in woodpiles, and if the pile is close to home, they can easily enter your house. Moving any firewood further from your home will help reduce the chance of attracting pests into your home accidentally. It’s recommended to keep wood at least 20 feet from your home’s foundation. Also, check any firewood for pests before you take it inside for use.

Reduce Moisture in Your Home

Pests such as cockroaches love moisture, so repairing any clogged drains and leaking pipes that you may have is key. Kitchens and bathrooms are particularly susceptible to cockroach infestations; Hence, pay close attention to these areas. 

Keep Your Landscape Tidy 

Clean landscaping is essential when it comes to controlling winter pests. Ensure you keep branches, fallen leaves, and pruned trees and shrubs away from the house.

Seal Holes & Cracks Around Your Home

Seal any openings you may find outside your house to prevent pests from entering through it. Also, ensure to check the areas where pipes and utilities enter your house as a mouse can pass through a hole, the size of a coin.

Keep Things Clean

Bugs usually feast on the morsels on your floor. So, regular cleaning and keeping the surfaces free of drops and sticky debris can prevent these bugs from creeping into interior rooms from the rooftop or out of your wall holes.

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