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How to Keep Ants Away

Ants are drawn to our houses because they can find food, water, and shelter all in one comfy environment. While the ants might think that’s the perfect setup, you most likely won’t agree when you see an unwanted guest inching across your counter. It’s much easier to prevent ants than it is to remove them once they’ve infested the home. Use these easy prevention methods to keep your home ant-free all spring and summer.

Avoid Standing Water

Standing water will draw ants and can even pose a risk for mold growth. Inspect your sinks and pipes on a regular basis to look for signs of leaks or cracks that need to be repaired. Pet water bowls also act as standing water in the home, so it’s best to empty the bowl each night before you go to bed and refill it in the morning. Be sure to wipe the counters clear of any excess water after each meal, too.

Take Your Trash Out Regularly

An overflowing trashcan will draw ants quicker than you’d expect! Take your trash out when it’s full. This doesn’t just go for the kitchen either, it applies to any trashcan throughout the home. Keep your trash in a locked can that’s a good distance from the entrance of your home.

Don’t Leave Food Out

Food that’s left out on your counters or tabletop will be seen as an open invitation for ants and other pests. Keep your food in stored containers and put it up in the cabinets, fridge, or freezer. Fruits and veggies should be kept in the fridge whenever possible.

Clean Regularly

Crumbs and small remnants left behind after a spill is enough to attract ants. You can limit the risk of ants in your home by cleaning on a daily basis. A 50/50 water and vinegar solution is great for removing existing dirt and repelling ants. This solution can be used on your counters, stovetop, and even as a mopping solution for your floors. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to eliminate that unpleasant vinegar smell or wait for it to dissipate on its own. Clean your kitchen and anywhere else you eat or prepare food at the end of every day. That means no dirty dishes left in the sink either! Leaving your dinner dishes to be washed tomorrow may be convenient, but it’s sure to attract ants for a midnight snack.

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