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Animal-Proofing Your Home From Fall Wildlife

The autumn season is already here, which means bright fall colors, warm drinks, and wildlife creatures looking for a place to call home. Since our well-insulated houses are much warmer and drier than outdoors in the fall and winter, unfortunately, this means that critters are going to start finding ways to get inside. If you live in an area that is home to wildlife like squirrels, mice, and raccoons, here are a few tips to help you animal proof your home this fall.

Keep It Tidy

Rodents and other local wildlife are more intelligent than we’d like to get them credit for. They will find ways to get into your home that you didn’t think were possible. To prevent these pests from finding their way inside your lovely warm home, you’ll need to take some extra time to tidy up the yard and landscaping around your house.

During the autumn, you should rake your leaves as often as your yard needs it. It’s not just an aesthetic thing either; piles of dry decomposing leaves are welcome boroughs for rats and mice. If these creatures find your yard comfortable, they’ll start creeping closer and closer to the warmth from your home until they find a way inside. Make sure that your yard is clear of debris like leaves and twigs. If you use firewood at home, make sure the stacks are stored up off the ground and away from walls to limit hiding places for pests. Additionally, ensuring that your trees are well trimmed and that no branches are touching the roof will prevent squirrels and raccoons from setting up camp in your attic.

Keep It Clean

If your yard is free from debris and trees don’t provide easy access to the roof, you’re already a step ahead in pest reduction this fall. However, aside from just tidying up the litter and firewood piles, you’ll also want to clean the house itself.

Pay close attention to your roofs gutters and clean them out as needed throughout the season. Gutters that are blocked with leaves and sticks can not only cause damage to the roof but can also provide lots of hiding places for rodents And insects. Birds might also be tempted to make their nests in the gutters, making cleaning them out later much more difficult.

You should also make sure to clean up after yourself and your family concerning household garbage. If you take out the trash from the inside of the home and leave it in a bin outside, make sure that it is clean and sealed. If needed, you can lock the garbage cans overnight so creatures can’t get in.

Keep It Sealed

Hopefully, you’re cleaning and tidying of your home and garden will prevent wildlife from seeing your home as a welcoming place to be this fall. However, if animals do make it to your home, you want to make sure that they can’t get inside your home. To accomplish this, make sure that all openings and entrances are properly sealed off. If you have an open chimney, make sure that it is thoroughly screened and sealed to prevent the entry of raccoons, birds, and bats. Perform an inspection by walking around the exterior of your home and noting any areas that look like small creatures could get in. Cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps are all big doorways for pests. Don’t forget that most of these pests can get into holes that are much smaller than their bodies. Fill any gaps with steel wool or caulking.

Contact Creature Catchers for Animal Removal in MA

If you do find that a family of squirrels, mice, raccoons, or any other animals have themselves at home in your house this fall, don’t panic. You can count on Creature Catchers to safely and humanely remove any uninvited animal guests from your home. We provide animal removal services in Holbrook MA, Boston, and beyond. Give us a call at 781-727-5795 to schedule a service.

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