musophobia: fear of mice

What is Musophobia?

Musophobia, in layman’s terms, is the fear of mice. There is a substantial difference between disliking mice and being terrified of them. While you may start putting out traps as soon as you realize you have a pest problem, people with musophobia may seriously consider altogether leaving home. They can become unable to properly function with the knowledge that a mouse is in the house. This kind of fear is not entirely uncommon – or new. 


Why are people afraid of mice?

The fear of mice can be a result of conditioning. Perhaps your parents or friends feared mice, which now exists in you. Other people are not afraid of mice so much as they are startled. Mice can be fast and are often unexpected. Seeing a mouse in the corner of your vision can result in some fear-like responses. 

Mice are known to be dirty and sometimes carry disease, which is where the socially conditioned fear may come from. People often warn of the dangers of mice and what their presence might mean for your home.  


Are the health concerns valid?

The fears associated with mice and the diseases they carry are legitimate. Their feces can contain parasites that move to humans and cause illness. However, even with the possibility of parasites, mice do not pose the threat they once did. As a result of improved hygiene over the last century, rodents passing diseases to people is a rare occurrence. 

More significant concerns exist for your home and personal belongings. Mice chew – a lot. You might notice some chewed drywall or carpet if you have a mouse. An infestation would cause more substantial damage, such as chewing through baseboards or large portions of drywall. Fortunately, with modern construction, mice do not usually pose a danger to the structure of your home. Your electronics with wires and cords could be another story. 


How can I control musophobia?

Controlling musophobia is like managing any other phobia. If you have no debilitating fear when you are not near mice, investing in a pest prevention program may be best. Otherwise, when the fear is so incapacitating you find it difficult to function when just thinking about mice, you may want to seek professional assistance in therapy or counseling. The appropriate aids can help heal phobias. 


What help is available?

If you choose to go with pest prevention, it is good to investigate the pest control company. The organization should be experienced and have good online reviews. Creature Catchers is a company that meets these requirements. To start your pest prevention as soon as possible, contact us today by calling 781-885-7635! You can remain rodent-free with the help of Creature Catchers