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spring cleaning to prevent pests

Spring Cleaning & Pest Control

Keeping a clean home is a good deterrent for pests. For many people, some cleaning jobs are less frequent. Spring cleaning is for the deep cleaning that you don’t get around to every week. When spring cleaning this year, remember to get a few familiar spots that pests enjoy. Cleaning these areas is an excellent way to certify that no pests have made their way into your home. 


Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a buffet for ants! While there are many parts of your kitchen that you likely clean daily, some places can use a little extra work this spring. Think about what ants are searching for – food. While it is unlikely that your fridge is home to ants, many people tidy it as a part of spring cleaning. However, do you include the pantry and other cabinetry with food products? Ants will search for anything they can get into – boxes of food products, sugar, flour, fruit baskets, and more. 

Be sure to clean every nook and cranny to prevent little pests like ants. Ants aren’t the only ones that will make themselves at home – look out for other bugs, too! 


Spring Clean Your Bathroom, Too!

You may be thinking that you clean your bathroom regularly, and it doesn’t require spring cleaning. Although that may be true, it is always good to occasionally clean a bit more thoroughly. Your damp or moisture-ridden shower curtain could use replacing. The floor behind the toilet could use a good scrub. Plus, the slight water damage under the sink needs some attention. If any of these locations remain moist, dampness will draw particular creatures to them.

Prevent roaches and silverfish from making a home in your bathroom by keeping your space clean throughout the year. This spring can serve as a push into more regular bathroom maintenance!


Outside Cleaning is Crucial

If it’s outside, why would you care if pests are around? Frankly, you should care about the exterior of your home because what’s outside can often find a way inside! Now that the snow and cold weather are gone, use the warmer days to check for damages to your home. If there are missing pieces of siding, damaged shingles, and other problems with your home, rodents and other pests are more likely to make their way inside. 

Clean the outside of your home this spring by clearing out the gutters, removing dead trees, and getting rid of any litter or yard clutter. Not only will your curb appeal improve, but proper maintenance will deter pests. Prevention is always better than curing the problem. 


Don’t Forget the Basement

Your basement can be an ideal place for pests to post up. Unfinished basements can be damp, dark, and sometimes humid. They also serve as storage areas, providing various locations for rodents and insects to hide. By rearranging any boxes and storage, dusting, and replacing the items neatly, you can help to prevent any permanent move-ins. 


Enlist Professional Help

Pest control in your home is not typically a task most homeowners want to partake in. While prevention is ideal, when pests invade, you may need to think about how to best proceed. For experienced pest control, Creature Catchers is available to help. The professionals here will aim to eliminate existing pests and prevent any future visitors. Contact us today by calling 781-885-7635