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squirrels in attic

How to Prevent Squirrels From Living In Your Attic

Squirrels are among the most prevalent creatures in the United States. No matter where you live – from coast to coast – you probably have squirrels in your area. In cold regions, such as the Northeast, squirrels sometimes take shelter in families’ attics during the winter months. 

For them, this is a respite from the harsh reality of living outdoors all season long, but for homeowners, it is a major nuisance. As you read this guide, you’ll discover some helpful tips that will allow you to be rid of squirrels in your attic once and for all. 

Remember, however, if you already have a squirrel issue, it is wise to contact a professional pest removal service for advice before taking matters into your own hands. 


How Do Squirrels Enter Attics?

Before you can understand how to get squirrels out of an attic, you need to know how they get in in the first place. There are several common entry points for pests like squirrels. These include:

  • Chimneys – Squirrels typically push on loose bricks until there is enough of a gap for them to fit into.
  • Roof tiles – Squirrels can pull apart terracotta and slate roof tiles using their sharp nails and agile paws. 
  • Shingles and metal roofs – Squirrels can use their teeth to chew through asphalt shingles and metal roof panels, especially if they are already in disrepair. 
  • Missing fascia – If any of your fascia boards are missing, squirrels can easily fit into small gaps in order to enter your home’s attic.

The biggest takeaway from this section is that the better you take care of your home and perform preventative maintenance, the less likely you are to get squirrels, or any other type of vermin, in your attic.


How Can I Deter Squirrels?

There are several steps you can take to make your property less appealing to squirrels. Follow the tips below to minimize the chances of squirrels infesting your attic:

Get Rid Of Bird Feeders

No matter how much you enjoy any bird feeders you have on your property, getting rid of them is a great way to dissuade squirrels from visiting you. Squirrels consider bird food a food source, as well, so any home with bird feeders is automatically more appealing to them. There are some squirrel-proof feeders that may be an option.

Secure Your Garbage Cans

Garbage cans with easy-to-open lids can also be enticing to squirrels. Make sure all of your family’s garbage cans and recycling bins close tightly and completely in order to deter squirrels from coming close to your house. 

Cut Tree Limbs Back

Any tree limbs that hang near your home’s roof can give squirrels easy access to your attack. Have all overhanging branches trimmed back several feet to prevent squirrels from easily accessing your roof. Furthermore, having branches trimmed can go a long way toward preventing storm damage. 


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