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How to Keep Pests Out of an Apartment

Although cleaning your apartment can significantly help in your effort to keep pests out, it may not be enough to repel all bugs. Keeping bugs out of an apartment requires different efforts than keeping them out of a house. Living in an apartment building that is part of a larger unit, allowing your neighbors to be contributing factors for bugs to quickly come from community spaces, can be a bother. What can you do to prevent these pests from your living space? Continue reading to find out.

1. Empty Your Trash Daily

Bugs and pests like trash equally as much as they like fresh food. If your trash begins to overflow, or you leave rotting food inside until the trash fills completely, you are much more likely to have bugs try to get at your trash. Even if you do take out the trash regularly, the insides of your trash cans may  get dirty or sticky with leftover residue. Another preventative measure you can take is to clean out your trash cans every few weeks to get rid of any garbage left behind in order to keep the pests away.

2. Research Your Plants

Being a plant parent is the new hype for Gen Z and Millenials moving into a new apartment. It’s one of the first naturing responsibilities a new owner has. At the end of the day: all plants attract bugs, no matter the type. There are some plants that do so more than others. As you are choosing the plants for your home, be sure to do a little research in order to ensure your next plant is not a pest attractor. Some advice we can offer is to avoid any type of shrubbery, as this specific plant attracts many bugs

3. Dry Environment

Bugs thrive in a damp or wet environment. That being said, keep your countertops, sinks, and even bathtubs dry after using them. By leaving a watery trail, you are welcoming the bugs into your home. Many insects can survive for days, even weeks without eating; alas water is what can keep them alive. To ensure your areas are kept dry, wipe any excess water from sinks and bathrooms, and even check exposed pipes that may have a slight leak. 

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