Carpenter ants

What To Do If You Have Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants got their name because they are known for causing significant damage to the wood in your home or furniture. If you notice carpenter ants in your home, this is not a good sign as they can create significant issues and bite. If you happen to see piles of wood shaving particles, this is your sign that you have carpenter ants in your house. Carpenter ants are attracted to wet/moldy wood so, if your home has a moisture issue, they will be drawn. They can find their way into your home by not only chewing through wood but also going through tiny cracks or openings. 

If you notice carpenter ants in your home or signs of them, you need to get rid of them immediately. In this post, you will learn what to do if you have carpenter ants. Calling a professional for assistance may be necessary. Continue reading for more information!

Find The Nest

Upon realizing you have carpenter ants in your home, pest experts recommend setting out bait for the ants to take back to the nest, which will lead you to find the nest. Carpenter ants are attracted to sweets so, use anything sweet for bait as they will be drawn to it. Once you find out where the nest is in your house, you will proceed with the following steps!

Get Rid Of Scent Trails

Carpenter ants rely on scent trails to find food and to travel. Getting rid of scent trails will mean cleaning surfaces where the ants have traveled, so the scents are destroyed. When the scent trails are removed, carpenter ants will no longer be attracted in those areas making the next steps easier.

Destroy The Nest

The next step is to destroy the nest since you know where it is located from the bait. To eliminate the nest, you will need to get into the wall to do this. It is recommended to drill small holes in the wall every 6 inches where you suspect the nest may be. Then, you will proceed by puffing boric acid through the holes. This may need to be repeated several times to destroy the nest or carpenter ants. 

Call A Professional

When in doubt, call a professional for your carpenter ant infestation! If you’re not willing to get rid of them yourself or were unsuccessful, contacting a professional for assistance is the best option. If you tried to get rid of the nest yourself but still see carpenter ants, call an exterminator to come to handle the pest removal situation and search for other potential nests in your home to avoid the problem again! 

Contact Creature Catchers

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