Bees nest on a house

What To Do If You Have A Beehive

If you are experiencing a swarm of bees or a beehive near your home, this is normal. Bees tend to build their nests on or around homes because there is plenty of cover to protect their nests. Also, bees thrive in urban environments with lots of greenery, plants, and flowers for them to feed on. Having bees around isn’t uncommon but, you definitely do not want a beehive on your home. If you have a beehive in or around your home, continue reading to learn what do to!

Give them space

Bees can sting so, when dealing with insects that can sting it is best to give them their space. Make sure to avoid provoking them, keeping your distance lessens the chances of angry bees. Wherever a swarm is whether it is a  plant, a piece of furniture, your home, etc. that is most likely where the Queen bee is and the swarm is protecting her. Staying away from the swarm of bees will prevent them from stinging.

Figure out where they’re coming from

It is important to find where the hive is. If the beehive is in your home it is essential to identify how the bees entered. Once you locate where the hive is, it is best to avoid that area until you figure out a plan. It is best to not block where the bees are entering as that will lead them to find other areas to go in or around your home.

Avoid using insecticides or traps

Deciding to take matters into your own hands with insecticides or traps can be tricky. Although it may be tempting to spray the bees or use traps, things can go wrong with this. Many spray insecticides are banned for use near bees so, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for and using these products on bees is illegal. For traps, it can be an intimidating process to get rid of a container of angry bees. And also, if the trap isn’t successful in capturing all of the bees there will still be bees and the hive to deal with.

Call a professional pest control company

Getting professional help with a swarm of bees or a beehive on your property is a smart decision. You can find out if there’s beekeepers near you if the bees are honey bees and they will be able to take them off your hands. For other bee species, calling a company that specializes in pest control and management is the best, and safest choice.

Contact Creature Catchers

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