Humane Animal Removal Services in Braintree MA 

As a town on the South Shore of Massachusetts, Braintree homeowners are familiar with the different nuances that each season brings. Unfortunately, in Winter, many wild animals seek warmth and shelter, making their way into our homes. In the Spring and Summer, ants and other pests will crawl the walls of your home. No matter what the season, it’s highly common for homeowners to find unwanted creatures in their house. If you’re in need of animal removal services in Braintree, you can count on Creature Catchers! We provide safe and humane animal removal services for rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and any other furry creatures you may find. We also offer pest control services, dead animal removal, and animal damage repair services in Braintree. Our team is thorough with our inspections and removal process, ensuring the animals are fully removed and will prevent them from coming back. Keep reading to learn more about what we offer. 

Rodent Removal & Extermination Services in Braintree

Rats and mice are among the most common animals that homeowners find, whether it be in the basement, attic, or running across their kitchen floor. No matter where you find them, it’s not a pleasant experience. They may be small, but the damage that rodents can cause can be quite catastrophic. The droppings, urine, and residue of saliva that rodents leave can spread harmful diseases to your family. They also have a reputation for chewing up electrical wires and the insulation around it, which can lead to a fire hazard. While many homeowners are quick to just put traps out and hope for the best, this won’t prevent the problem from continuing to occur. If one mouse or rat got in, chances are, their friends have followed. Creature Catchers offers permanent solutions for rodent control. We provide a full inspection of the common areas that mice are found, as well as the building’s exterior to understand how they got in. We then provide an extermination plan that is tailored to your specific needs. When you enlist the experts at Creature Catchers to take care of your rodent problem, you can be confident that we’ll quickly restore your property and keep your home mice and rat-free in the future. 

Pest Control Company in Braintree

We also offer quality pest control services to take care of ants, bees, wasps, cockroaches, and any other bug that doesn’t belong in your home. Not only is it a bother to be living with these critters, but just like rodents, they can cause quite a bit of damage. As soon as you spot 1 or 2 in your home, it’s time to be on alert and call in an expert like Creature Catchers to provide pest control services. 

Dead Animal Removal & Damage Repair Services 

Our team of experts is also well-equipped to safely remove dead animals from your home. Whether you find a small mouse in the wall, or a large deer in the front lawn, our team is here to help. Remember that the longer a dead animal stays in your home or on your property, the longer that parasites will have a chance to locate a new host. It’s best to call in the experts as soon as possible for removal services. 


Lastly, we also provide animal damage repair services to fix any damages that they may have caused to your home. From minor carpentry repairs, to closing entry holes, installing screening on vents or windows, and beyond. Our team is here to solve all your animal and pest problems in Braintree Ma. 

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