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Located just south of Boston, Quincy is a mid-sized city, home to approximately 94,200 people. Residents of Quincy are no stranger to the rats and mice that often lurk around, and make their way indoors from the city streets. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to also find cockroaches, ants, or other pests in their Quincy home or apartment. If you’re living in the Quincy area and are in need of animal removal services or pest control, you can count on Creature Catchers! We provide thorough removal services to control the current issue you’re having with pests and prevent them from coming back in the future. With more than 15 years of experience, our team provides top-notch services at a reasonable price. Learn more about our animal and pest control services in  Quincy below. 

Wildlife Animal & Dead Animal Removal Services in Quincy MA 

If you suspect that an animal may be living in your wall or perhaps a dead animal is trapped in there, it’s always best to call in the experts. A distinct smell is a good indicator that a dead animal may be somewhere in your home. Alternatively, droppings, chewed wires, woodwork, or scratching/screeching sounds from within the walls may indicate a live animal is still running around your home. Calling in a professional for removal services as soon as possible is crucial. These creatures can not only cause further damage to your home but also pose a health risk for you and your family. It’s not advised to try catching it yourself, as the animal could be carrying diseases or even may attack if they feel threatened. A professional animal removal company will have the necessary protective gear and equipment to safely and humanely remove the animal. You can count on Creature Catchers for quality animal removal services in Quincy, including rodents, raccoons, skunks, bats, and beyond!

Rodent Control & Removal in Quincy MA

Rodents are a common issue that residents of Quincy face, as trash pickup days and city streets are a rat’s dream. However, in the winter when it gets cold, they seek shelter indoors, leaving your home with an infestation of rodents. If you find rats or mice in your home, Creature Catchers provides humane rodent control services. We provide thorough services to remove the rodents and also prevent them from coming back in the future. We’ll examine any vulnerable areas, seal entry holes, and determine a plan to exterminate and restore your property. You won’t get service like this from anyone else! Creature Catchers is the trusted animal control and rodent removal service in Quincy. 

Pest Control Services in Quincy MA 

We also provide pest control services in Quincy MA to take care of any insects that may infect your home such as ants, wasps, or cockroaches. Leaving a pest problem untreated can cause further damage and issues in your home. It’s always best to call in the professionals for removal services as soon as you determine there may be an infestation. 

Schedule an Animal Removal Service With Creature Catchers

If you’re in need of safe and humane animal removal services or pest control services in Quincy MA, contact Creature Catchers! We’re available for 24/7 emergency services. Give us a call at 781-727-5795 or fill out a form to schedule a service today!