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5 Tips for Pest Prevention in the Spring

Spring is finally here and that means two things: warmer weather and the need for some serious spring cleaning. When you think about spring cleaning, you probably think about dusting and mopping, but what about going a little further to keep bugs and other pests away from your home? The warmer weather means pests are active again and looking for a new place to call home. Follow these tips to make sure your home is prepared and won’t be a hotspot for pests this spring!

Seal Your Home

Look around the interior and exterior of your home for small cracks or holes where pests could find their way in. The foundation of your home may have small cracks that lead right into your basement, but those can be easily filled with caulking. Install window and door screens anywhere that you want to be able to let some fresh air in. Inspect the existing screens for any holes that need to be patched. 

Store Food Correctly

Food that’s not stored properly is like a free invitation for pests. Keep food put away and sealed in containers inside the home. That includes pet food too, which is commonly overlooked. Your trash cans should be a good distance away from your home so pests aren’t drawn close. If your trash has to stay close to the home, invest in a lock for the trash can lid. 

Keep it Clean Inside and Out 

Cleaning the inside of your home is common in the spring, but you should clean the outside too. Any debris and trash that’s left around your yard could create the perfect shelter for pests to live. Keep the exterior of your home free from unnecessary junk, which includes less obvious places like under your deck too! 

Avoid Standing Water

Standing water attracts a variety of pests and can even cause structural damage to your home. Avoid standing water by cleaning your gutters each spring and checking for leaks or blockages in the downspout system. Fountains, small ponds, and other water sources close to your home should be chemically treated so they won’t attract pests. 

Protect the Perimeter 

Getting the perimeter of your home treated with an insecticide and pest repellent can make all the difference when it comes to pests in and around your home. Kickoff spring by getting the perimeter of your home treated by a professional. You can even utilize a yard spray that repels mosquitos for further protection for kids and pets that will be playing in the grass. 

Contact Creature Catchers for Pest Control Services

If you want to make the most out of your pest prevention, it’s best to hire an experienced pest control professional. At Creature Catchers, our team is trained in safely and effectively removing pests from your home and preventing more pests in the future. Contact Creature Catchers today to learn more about what we provide, pricing, and to schedule a service! Give us a call at 781-885-7635 or fill out an online form


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