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How Do I Know If Mice Are in My Home?

Determining that you have mice in your home may be as obvious as simply seeing one scamper across the kitchen floor. However, since mice are nocturnal, it’s not always that easy. You may have mice in your home and not even know it, because they are hiding in your walls or in the attic. If this is the case, you may begin to find strange signs around your home that could indicate a mouse infestation. Here are a few of the telltale signs that mice may be hanging somewhere in your home.

Mouse Droppings

One visible sign of mice in your home is traces of mouse poop, which will typically look like blackish-brown grains of rice. Mice will typically leave behind as many as 60-75 small pellets per day. Depending on home how many droppings  you’re finding can help determine the size of the problem you have on your hands. Common spots to find droppings are in the cupboards, along baseboards, and even in your closets. \

Potent Smell

In addition to their frequent droppings, mice also pee a lot. Their urine has a distinct ammonia-like scent. So if you smell a strong ammonia aroma, and you have not cleaned recently… it is most likely mice! 

Unusual Noises

 If you hear scratching noises coming from inside your walls or under the floorboards, chances are it’s not a ghost. Mice love to explore, and they will scratch every surface to see if it would be good for nesting material. So if you’re hearing these eerie noises throughout the night, it may be a clear indicator of mice.  

Gnaw Marks

Mice will not only scratch the surface, but they will also give it a taste test. They will chew any surface to test if it is useful to them. If you see bite marks on cardboard, plastic containers, electrical wiring, on furniture, etc., this could be a sign of mice. 

Pets Acting Strange

 If your pet seems to be oddly intrigued by a new area of your home, chances are he has sensed something unusual. Keeping in mind that a dog’s hearing is about 5 times better than a human, and his sniffer about 40 times of a human, it is very likely that he will sense a mouse infestation before you. So pay attention to how your pets are acting. The odd behaviors that they are showing can be a clear indicator of a mouse infestation. 

Contact Creature Catchers for Mice & Rodent Removal

If you notice any of these signs, there’s a good chance that there are mice in your home. You can count on Creature Catchers for professional mice and rodent removal services in Boston MA and beyond. We offer same-day services for animal removal, and always practice humane and safe methods. Give us a call at 781-727-5795 to schedule a service.

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