Termites are unsightly critters that can quickly chew through the wood of a home, causing major structural damage. Subterranean termites are amongst the most destructive type of termites and often build underground nests. They generally tunnel through wooden structures and create serious damage.

How Do Termites Enter the Home?

Drywood termites are another type of common termite found in Massachusetts and they enter the home on any floor or through the attic. These little critters infest the home in swarms and produce eggs to build their colonies. Drywood termites are difficult to prevent from entering the home because there are no limitations to their entry point.

Tips to Prevent Termites from Entering

  • Receive regular termite inspections from Creature Catchers
  • Address conditions around your home (i.e. excess moisture)
  • Determine which preventative treatments will be most effective

Can I Fully Rid My Home of Termites By Myself?

For many homeowners, termite removal may seem like a simple DIY project but this removal process is best left to the professionals.

Termite treatments are quite complex and depending on the type of termite, extent of theĀ infestation, and colony location, the professional may need to use more than one treatment method.

If you are in need of immediate termite removal, contact Creature Catchers atĀ 781.727.5795. Our team has extensive experience removing termites from homes in Massachusetts and we use environmentally-friendly products. Give us a call today!