bird control and removal

Full Service Bird Proofing Experts

If birds have taken over your home, business, commercial property, or warehouse call Bird Solutions by Creature Catchers, a leading MA Full Service Bird Removal service. We have the experience and know-how to remove the infestation.  We will not only remove the infestation but also “bird-proof” your property to dramatically reduce the chances of a later re-infestation.  Our bird exterminators in MA will properly install the right bird deterrents so that your property is bird-hostile and they go elsewhere to roost and nest.

Bird Solutions are full-service bird control experts and use the most modern pest control methods to safely and expeditiously handle the most challenging bird control problems.  Let a leading bird exterminator in MA clear out the birds, their unsightly and dangerous droppings, and remove their nests.

Birds In Your Home are a Health Risk

If birds such as pigeons, owls, starlings, and swallows are roosting in your home or business, you already know the damage and mess these uninvited guests can cause.

One main concern when birds start nesting in your home are their droppings. Bird droppings pose serious health risks. In addition to the health hazards, bird droppings are acidic enough to dissolve paint, erode metal, and cause concrete and stonework to crumble.  Bird nests can clog gutters causing water backup and costly structural damage and clog ventilation systems creating fire hazards.  Nuisance birds are more than a mere annoyance.  They can be a danger to you, your family, and your property and your business.